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Pink Oyster

Alluring and fleeting, like much beauty in this world!

Background and Origins:

Pink Oyster mushrooms are native to the tropical regions of Mexico and Indonesia. Relatively unknown until the 17th century due to their short fruiting time, Pink Oysters have since played a key role in adding color to many markets and dishes around the globe. Sadly these mushrooms do not have a particularly long shelf life and are best used within 2-3 days of harvest.


Pink Oysters have a gentle seafood, meaty, and slightly woody taste when cooked. It is best to avoid eating them raw, as they can hold a very sour and acrid taste until cooked through. Despite their thin and flat shape, they can be surprisingly chewy.

Recommended Cooking Styles:

Pink Oysters are best suited for applications like sauteing, frying, or roasting. Their mildly woody taste is an excellent addition to many roasted vegetable dishes, or as a topping on wood-fired pizza. Furthermore, if diced and fried until brown and crispy, Pink Oysters make a great vegan substitute for bacon bits.

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