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About Us

Stewart-Watson Farm LLC (“SW”) is located in North Salem, NY, Westchester County’s most northern town, renowned for being “horse country”. The farmhouse was built in 1900 and fronts 15’ from a dirt road, fabled “Vail Lane”. In 2019 the farm’s 30 plus chicken business was replaced with a new enterprise: in-house mushroom production, after the LLC was formed, and an unique high tech “mushroom factory” was finished in the gutted basement of the farmhouse.

SW sources Soy Hulls from Iowa and Oak pellets from Wisconsin to allow the highest quality of crucial substrate mix. Another unique supplier in Maine ships specialized blue and white oyster mycelium, as well as shiitake mycelium. 

Pink Oyster mushrooms growing and ready to be harvested
An underside view of Black King Trumpet mushrooms ready to be harvested
Shelves of fruting blocks of mushrooms at Stewart-Watson Farm
Shelves of Pink Oyster mushrooms fruting at Stewart-Watson Farm

Our Mushroom Farm

Our "Farm" is not what one would think of as a typical farm. We don’t have acres of fallow or cultivated fields. All of our mushrooms are grown indoors. The portion of the Farmhouse devoted to mushroom production is comprised of six rooms, a “production area” consisting of our DIY autobagger to create substrate bags, 4 autoclaves and a DIY 55 gallon sterilizing barrel, a “LAB room” with its HEPA flow box to inoculate the substrate bags with mycelium in a sterilized environment, a dark colonizing room for the 3- 4 week period necessary for the inoculated bags to fully colonize, and a storage area to store the “master mix” bags of substrate before use. A detached building houses two fruiting rooms with high tech gauges to keep the mushrooms within strict parameters of temperature, humidity, lighting, and CO2 concentration. Finally, our “Processing/kitchen room” is where the harvested mushrooms are weighed, invoiced and prepped for sale to our customers. It is also where we are experimenting to produce mushroom chips. 

After months and months of experimentation SW has mushroom production down to a science – with our own unique formula for consistently producing the highest quality mushrooms possible.

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