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Golden Oyster

Stunning and aromatic like a bouquet of flowers!

Background and Origins:

Golden Oysters are native to eastern Russia, China, and Japan, though recently they have made an appearance growing wild in various states around the USA. Interestingly, their spores are typically spread through longhorn beetle species. Today, Golden Oysters are revered as one of the most popular wild mushroom species in Russia and are widely cultivated across China.


Golden Oysters are a bit of an odd duck, as their fruity smell is not particularly reflective of their nutty taste. Many describe the aroma of Golden Oysters to be similar to that of a fine red wine, with hints of watermelon and other fruit. When cooked, their flavor develops to be very similar to roasted cashews.

Recommended Cooking Styles:

Golden Oysters may be enjoyed cooked, or raw. When raw their taste is sharp and bitter, and can make a great addition to fresh salad greens. Because of their delicate structure, Golden Oysters do best when gently sauteed, as they may lose their shape when cooked in a soup. Their nutty taste makes a wonderful topping or side dish to a grilled steak.

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